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Kitchen - the heart of the home

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is certainly a hub of activity. The kitchen is the place where favourite meals are prepared, where children learn to bake, where friends and family are entertained and so much more.

The kitchen is certainly one of the most used and enjoyed rooms in the home. No wonder we all want our kitchens to be special.

It is with this in mind that Glam Kitchens is committed to providing you with the kitchen of your dreams.

Why come to Glam Kitchens for your dream Kitchen?

The 16 years of experience we have in the kitchens industry underpins our ability to ensure best customer service in the design and supply of the best and most desirable kitchens in London.

Along with our experience and expertise comes our high levels of patience and resourcefulness. From start to finish our customers see our ability to organise efficiently, our aptitude for problem-solving and our decision-making skills, all to customer budget and agreed timescales.

In-person visits and FREE design consultations - Covid-19 Secure

Our in-person visits and FREE design consultations are made with all of the appropriate precautions, including the use of face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing.

End-to-end project planning and management
Our years of experience will be self-evident when we come to design, plan and build your dream kitchen. All the various threads that need to be pulled together to make your dream kitchen a complete success is what we do! 

How we can help you:

1 Make an appointment for one of our designers to get your wish list.
2 We design your dream kitchen.
3 Once you are happy, we will arrange a technical survey.
4 Our installers provide a quality service to fit your kitchen.
5 To ensure things go smoothly your project manager will oversee everything and keep you updated.
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The kitchen has become the heart and soul of the modern family household. Much more than merely a place to cook the kitchen has morphed into a space to create, relax, and entertain guests. Whether it is a stunning, gleaming gloss kitchen you are looking for or a mix of vivid colours and distinctive patterns, we have the designs for you to make a statement.


Whether it is a Solid In-Frame Oak or a hand painted cream kitchen you want for your farmhouse, a period residence, a character cottage, a stately mansion, a Victorian terrace or a good old 1930's semi, Glam has the kitchen for you. Each of these ranges has its own individual charm and with this much character they'll never go out of fashion.
Covid-19 Secure:
our in-person visits and free design consultations are made with all the appropriate precautions, including the use of face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing.




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